Democracy is changing, not least in digital spaces. We mustn’t passively standby but get active.

In our project “Upgrade Democracy”, we build bridges between diverse, international actors and disseminate solutions that successfully counter disinformation in their respective contexts and/or innovatively use digital tools to strengthen democracy.

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We cluster our posts into the categories upgrade society, politics and technology. These clusters are not meant to draw strict borders – we just want to give some orientation. Additionally it is possible to filter the posts by tags,

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Platform governance: How can we shape existing digital platforms in a democratic way? And are there possible solutions for alternative models?

We want to generate impulses for reflecting in the most central questions around platform governance. Among other things, we shed light on alternative communication infrastructures such as Fediverse, engage with participation formats such as platform councils, and discuss the dynamics around climate and gender disinformation. With our impulses, we firstly outline the relevant topics and issues, secondly we provide an insight into the most important sources and thirdly we offer analyses and concrete policy recommendations.

Research trips

Digital disinformation campaigns exist all over the world. How do relevant actors deal with them?

Which approaches, strategies or innovative tools are particularly successful, and which can be transferred to Germany and Europe?

These and as well as other questions are going to be examined in the “Perspectives” section. Read more about good examples, challenges and options for action from around the world.


How will digital technologies transform democracy in the coming years? How can we make policymaking today more future-oriented?

Politics need to focus on the challenges of the future. This is the only way that they can remain sustainable and operational.

Together with leading experts, we develop scenarios, derive recommendations for policymakers and subsequently engage in an exchange with decision-makers.